Help the shoe enterprises to move on to a smart factory

Learn the details of the Jieyu Technology IOT complete set solutions
  • Infrastructure

    Shoe factories generally face problem of urgent need:automation and streamline, reform the unreasonable process layout

  • Digital platform

    Lack of digital connectivity, software systems are not compatible; lack ability of data fusion and analyze mining

  • Intelligent application

    Intelligent upgrade is urgently needed, lack of application system construction; Insufficient degree of intelligence and no algorithm support

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  • Post-bed Sewing Machine

    Step motor drive, accurate seam, suitable for thin and thick materials

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  • Pattern Sewing Machine

    Multi-axis drive motor, special control system

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  • Intelligent Cutting Machine

    Intelligent double head asynchronous cutting

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  • Smart Vamp Marking Line Machine

    Smart double head laser ink-jet

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